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Craciunul nu a fost intotdeauna asa cum il vedem acum. De altfel, el a devenit sarbatoare legala abia in secolul al XIX-lea. Nu au existat nici brazi si nici Mos Craciun dintotdeauna. Si nici macar colinde... Unul dintre cele mai indragite obiceiuri de Craciun, colindatul, era pe vremuri interzis... Mai mult...

Sorcova – engleza

noiembrie 9, 2007 | Category:Colinde internationale | Autor: admin

(translated in English by Ion Minulescu )

May you look with merry eyes
at that little bunch I rise ,
tiny flowers may they bring
you an everlasting spring !

All the fragrance, all the bloom,
shall a fairy on her loom
weave for you, and smile, and wait
to open the golden gate !

May your steps be quick and strong,
always right and never wrong !
May you always find the ‘clue’,
see your dearest dreams come true,
have it always as you like,
and each time a lucky strike !

and as merry as you can !

To you and to all your dears

many, bright,

Happy New Years !

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